Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Ramadan!

This printable is for my Muslim sisters!  This might be my longest post so far but... Some of you might wonder why I have a Ramadan printable.  A little bit about me:  I was born in Saudi Arabia and lived there for a total of 7 years.  My family and friends consists of Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, pagans, agnostics and atheists.  So, in my need to try to be all inclusive, here's one for Ramadan.

Also, please pray for Istanbul.

Not to sound superficial, but my fiance grew up in a Muslim household despite being Latino (you wonder why we can get a long) and said this time of year was the best time because his aunts would fly to San Francisco from the Middle East and make the best food.  This guy can go through a banquet's worth of food in 2 hours.  No joke.  And he still has a smaller waist then I do.  ANYWAY... He has a soft spot of Muslim aunties and always declares that Middle Eastern women have hearts of gold and have always shown him kindness (and lots of food) as a child.

So enjoy!  And Happy Ramadan!

To download the THP version click here

To download the ECLP version click here

Again folks, for personal use only.


  1. This turned out really nice. They are lucky to have you

  2. Thank you for making and sharing these wonderful stickers. Love <3