Sunday, November 20, 2016

Autumn Themed Freebie!

Here another freebie!

Again, I have to plug my GoFundMe page.  I need help transporting a dog back from China.  He is a victim of the dog meat trade.  I have started the process of getting him home.  But I need help.  The more I research the more expensive the trip is getting.  If you are a fan of my printables, please donate if you can.  If you can't, please share Sunny's GoFundMe page.


Also, I asked Kimma of Le Petite Market to make custom clip art of Sunny for me!  I am putting custom Sunny stickers on my etsy page in about a week from now.  Stay tuned for pictures!

Back to printables:
Enjoy the new freebie!  And if you share, please share the link of this site.  Also, don't make a buck off this printable.  Thanks to Pixelscrapper.

Download the THP here 
Download the ECLP here

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